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We also offer several other Indian delicacies which are the specialties of other regions in India and we take the same amount of care from sourcing the ingredients to preparing the most delicious recipes that we can put before you on the table. You can also make use of our Indian Food Takeaway with service just as quick and fabulous as our in-house dining experience.

About Nawab Sahab Restaurant

Best Indian Restaurant Brunswick, Melbourne

Luxuriate Yourself into the Mesmerizing Savour of Indian Cuisine at The Ultimate Indian Restaurant in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Enjoy the edible and nutritious flavour of the vast Indian land brought to you in an excellent manner at NawabSahab restaurant Brunswick, Melbourne. The best Indian restaurant to make you revolve around the most traditional and royal authentic dishes right here to your plate in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Our expert MasterChef’s extract every bit of taste from the most flavouring substances and ingredients of Indian cuisine like royal cumin, kasoorimethi, rose petals, cardamom, coriander, yellow chilli and home ground spices mixed well as to preserve their taste in the final dish. We capture the complexity of our Indian dishes and recreate its cooking process to introduce you a unique art out of it. Serving you with the best and delicious Indian food is what we believe make us Khansamas, the Royal cooks. We pay a great attention for the dishes that we prepare, irrespective of their temperatures, humidity and storage processes and that’s what a king expects perfection in his food, from his royal cooks.

Relishes and consistency are a paramount for us to make our food look not just eye-appealing but also a great desire to your tongue and other senses. As soon as you enter into the enchanting world of our mesmerizing menu, our endeavour is to make you feel the one and only important person and that’s how a king is supposed to be treated. You experience amazing time of your life here and would want to come back to us again. At NawabSahab restaurant,Melbourne, we offer you great Catering & food delivery services apart from foodwith genuine Indian hospitality.

Come and experience a wonderful time here, with your loved ones. We are waiting for you.

Arabian Dishes in Melbourne

Arab cuisines are often centuries old and reflect the culture of great trading in spices, herbs and foods. This unique tradition has been chosen to make you feel the special dishes that were made earlier and are still being preferred in bulk. We make you forget everything with our special Arabian dishes where you will be mesmerised with the amazing fragrance and taste of our special mandi and soon you will feel to be enchanted with the Arabian atmosphere. Satisfy the desire of your palate with chicken and lamb mandi that you have never tasted anywhere. We add spice to your life with various ingredients that our master chefs use to make irresistible Arabian dishes for you. Essential to any cooking in the Arab world is the concept of hospitality and generosity, we provide with both.

Pakistani Food in Melbourne

Pakistanis food make use of fresh hand-pounded masalas, unlike the dried herbs and powders that are used in cooking Indian food. The main component of a meal or dish is meat, so we bring you the most exotic flavoured non-vegetarian food which tastes similarly to that of Pakistani dishes. Our master chefs prepare dishes which are known for aromatic and sometimes spicy flavours. Chicken categories are thoroughly cooked contributing to a richer, fuller mouthfeel and flavour. You would not be able to satisfy yours crave after tasting the chicken dishes. The meat kebabs would just melt upon taking them in mouth and your satiety value demands for more after consuming halwa puri.

Best Indian Food in Melbourne

People in Melbourne, Australia love to visit Nawab Sahab Restaurant and relish the dishes that our expert master chefs prepare with recreation and adding spark to the most demanding dishes. We make you feel home here. Most of the Indians tend to visit our place as they find it the most traditional and meticulous where they enjoy their desirable dishes and relive the authentic Indian dishes and their flavours.Their crave and hunger pangs drag them to our place again and again and this is what make us feel that we are growing every day in every meal that we cook.


If you are a hard core non-vegetarian, then do visit NawabSahab Restaurant. They serve you the best Sheek Kabab. Just go and hang around with friends or family and make your taste buds explore and amazing and crunchy sheek kababs.

Our Happy Customer

This is the third time I visited NawabSahab Restaurant and believe me guys; the chefs are expert in making chicken tandoori. Each time I went, the taste gradually improvised and this forced me to prefer Take away as well. Must try at least once, well-cooked plus uniquely flavored.

Our Happy Customer

When I hang around with my friends, I do visit NawabSahab Restaurant for sure and each of us love to rely on the scrumptious paneer tikka masala and prawn Manchuria as we love both veg and non-veg. Though, NSR is far from our place, our group just bang every possible time. Chicken Biryani also recommended guys..

Our Happy Customer

That juicy flavor and smooth meat texture of chilli fish just drag me to the door of NawabSahab Restaurant every time. Chilli prawn is equally tasty and it’s a must to try guys. Spare some time and visit the place to try some unique and awesome food.

Our Happy Customer

Amazing food, friendly service, and lovely ambiance. I’ve been here countless times and have enjoyed every meal. The new dessert range is so delicious! Highly recommend this restaurant for food lovers.

Our Happy Customer

. Went to NSR for the first time, last night and it turned out to be the best experience. Me and family of 4, ordered Kadhai paneer and chilli chicken we finished our food in no time. Very nicely cooked and served. Great services. Loved the place as well.

Our Happy Customer